My Own Little Parable


Like I said… This is my own little parable, of sorts. A digital journal.. A calligraphical representation of every and anything my mind finds intriguing, beautiful, stimulating and inspiring!

I am very into fashion so you will find a lot of images of clothing and outfits. I love photography and Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist has been the biggest influence in my life for the last four years of my life. I work as a Concierge for a Luxury Inn and Spa in Sonoma County California’s Wine Country.

If you have any questions about fashion or styling feel free to ask.

Thank you and enjoy!


The images on my blog are an accumulation of my own work and pictures, and images and information found on the WWW. This imagery is not being presented as work of my own, unless noted under the specific work. Copyright still belongs to the owner/creator of the said work and this blog is receiving no financial benefits from it’s use (hence no ads).